Exhibition Documents

Tutorial 1 Scan12 Notes 2 (1) Notes 29.04.14 NotesLeaflet – white (1) Scan 7 Scan 5 Scan 6 Scan 4 Scan 3 Scan 2 Scan 1 Gavin_s Questions Pop Up Exhibition Property Correspondence Manifesto Notes

Narrative, Memory, Everyday, Playfulness, Documentary

Digital Is About Forgetting: Delete, Instant, Convenient, Un-Important, 24/7, Over-Doing, Saturated, Fast,                                              Machine

Analogue is about Remembering: Brain, Heart, Body, Slow, Single Image, Human, Tactile, Past is Future,

What are your hopes? ‘An on trend pop up exhibition showcasing young talent’ ‘A group of vibrant                                                  students’

What’s the exhibition about? ‘Reconnect with ourselves and our story/memories’, Memory, Narrative,                                                         Experimentation and Connection, Bold, Dynamic.

Things that excite you about photography: ‘Giving people a glimpse into the way I see the world’,                                                                                    ‘Showing people a small part of my life without having to tell                                                                         them my life story’

                                                                       Communicating something that is personal/connected to                                                                              you.

What does memory mean to you?

Who are you? Collective, Individuals, Diversity, Creativity,

                       – ‘A collection of young diverse creatives, who specialise in their individual genres but are                               able to mould into a group setting’ ?

Young, enthusiastic people who have our own, different way of looking on things. Have things to say. Engaging with the world.