2nd Shoot

by swhoneyman

Following on from the previous shoot I decided that although the over saturated colours, although quite fitting with the concept of memory; in that they had a childlikeness to them, the more subdued colours had worked better. As well I thought that more subdued colour gave more of an emotive of a essence of something that was. As if the memory was fading. For the first one I went up to a ‘rapeseed’ field as I thought that the yellow might create a quite nice image. I wanted to try and create a landscape void of detail that people would be able to think back on their memories and put themselves into a similar landscape that they had seen or experienced previously. IMG_8422 I found that out of the two the one below worked best. I liked how the horizon line was practically featureless, with only the faint markings of trees. The contrast between the softness to the majority of the image and the quite harsh, scratchy effect that was seen in the foreground worked well. It was almost as if the image had decayed and become damaged over time. I think that although I like the faded colour scheme that it might be improved if I edited the colours and saturations give it even more of a painterly feel. I wanted to do this as whilst in the tutorial it was said that ‘Analogue is for remembering and digital for forgetting.’  Therefore I wanted to try and push my digital images, to make them look analogue or even like paintings; which have a timelessness to them. IMG_8420 With the below image I used flash to get the foreground in focus  with a overall haze to the image. I really liked the aged ghostly feel to the photo. It had similarities to old sepia photography which again linked in with the past. IMG_8418 I quite liked the below image but I felt it didn’t really capture the idea of the ‘universal childhood memory’. IMG_8413 As with some of the earlier images I what I really liked about the next image is that the shape of the trees is a silhouette and the detail comes from the grass where the camera was pulled down. This gives an interesting texture to the image. As well you can clearly make out that it is a wooded area which I liked. However I felt that the sky was a little too over exposed and was almost too bright white. IMG_8405 I really liked how the image below came out as the contrast between the darkness of the tree line (which in this image doesn’t scream the fact they are trees), the yellowish longer grass and the short green grass. The image to me looks like the edge of a playing field where football would be played which again links in with the idea behind the work. I intend to push the colours a bit more to get more of a painted feel to it. IMG_8403 As with the image a couple above the next two captured the texture of the grass really nicely and created a scratchy aged feel. I altered the colours to play on this feeling to the image. I also enjoy how there is only a subtle difference between where the grass ends and the trees start. IMG_8397 With the below image I was surprised at how film like the image came out. The silhouette of the ground/the small building were very subtle in this one, a bit too subtle. I think that the unless you are looking for it you would be unaware of it. IMG_8331 The next couple of images are that of a small barn type building that I used to be quite fearful of. Although the individual building is very personal to me I find that the idea of a scary abandoned building to be quite a universal childhood memory. Therefore I wanted the blacks to be quite strong in these images. IMG_8333 With the first image of the two I wanted to stick to the very warm colours that I had been using in the earlier photo’s. I liked this warm colouring as I, like many, can remember most vividly the warm sunny evenings with a warm orange light from the sun. And due to it being about remembering I wanted to make the colours that bit more saturated. However I wasn’t too happy with the composition. With the image below I preferred the composition and I preferred the fact that due to being closer the blacks of the empty doorways were more solid, and thus more intimidating. I also liked the texture that has been created across the image. However I would like to revise the colour for this and try and alter the top right of the building and try and remove that streak. IMG_8325 For the rest of the images I wanted to re-visit the abstract, painterly glimpses of nature that I had been playing around with before. The below image to me didn’t look like a photograph which is what I was pushing for but I liked the faint branches that appeared to be in the background. IMG_8310 I found the next two images to have a really tactile feel to them. They, to me had a sense of nostalgia to them due to the scratchy blurriness. IMG_8307 On this image I like how there appears to be light leaks on the image which again gives it the sense of analogue photography. I had been constantly surprised by how flexible digital was. IMG_8306

The next two images I went back to the warm, almost sepia tones for the images. The first one although again I liked how tactile the image looked I wasn’t sure about the detail. I found this to be mundane and lacking of a sense of memory.



With the below image I liked how there was a horizon line which had been manufactured by the camera movement. Making it look like it was an image of a hill when in fact it was of a bush. I also enjoyed how towards the bottom third line there was some of the details of the original bush. However as with above this image had a mundaneness to it.